BASF - Solubilisation In cooperation with the chemicals manufacturing corporation BASF we developed a new storytelling format that focuses on the individual while simultaneously informing about the product.
We were faced with the challenge to produce a story about hot melt extrusion. The process technology of hot melt extrusion was developed in the plastics industry and is used for the development and production of pharmaceutical products.

It was the contentual complexity of the topic that presented us with the greatest challenge:
We needed to impart a good deal of technological information without resorting to terms too sophisticated and aloof for the average viewer. In addition, the video clip was to be designed in a fresh and vivid way. Our solution was to start with a technical intro (regarding both images and sound) to introduce the subject matter; and we used free cinematography to emphasize the concept.

BASF Medicine - 1
BASF Medicine - 2
BASF Medicine - 3
BASF Medicine - 4
BASF Medicine - 5
BASF Medicine - 6
BASF Medicine - 7
BASF Medicine - 8