SCHOTT - Delamination The corporate image video clip objectively points out delamination problems in medicine bottles and presents solutions proposed by the technology corporation SCHOTT.
This project focused on the elucidation of the topic of ‘delamination’ in a gripping video clip. Delamination problems arise in the pharmaceutical industry, for instance, where tiny glass particles may detach from medicine bottles. This so-called delamination process can be caused by long storage periods, for instance, and entails not only production costs running into the billions, but – at worst – can lead to the severe health impairment of patients who unknowingly absorb the particles when these enter the bloodstream intravenously.
The challenge of this project was mainly the length of the clip. The story was to be told entertainingly enough to grab the audience’s attention. At the same time, the clip needed to allocate ample time to the demanding subject and capture in images every topic that had been addressed. We aimed at making the participants seem casual and authentic. Elaborate coaching and interview techniques enabled us to forego the usual extensive discussions. Instead, the participants’ stories became genuine and on point.